$ 6.00 Children's Cotton Spandex Sox
$ 6.00 Adult Cotton Spandex Sox
$10.00 Children's Spandex Stirrup Pants, Leggings or Tights
$10.00 Ladies Spandex Stirrup Pants, Leggings or Tights

These pattern books were written by Donna Paradis and are distributed through Ileen's Needle Nook .

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SK-840 Electronic Standard Gauge                    SK-280 Punch Card Standard Gauge 

               LK-150 Hobby Machine                               SK-155 Punch Card Bulky Gauge



Ileen's Needle Nook News

After 30+ years of selling machine knitting equipment and supplies,
Ileen is now focused on sharing her machine expertise to new and experienced
machine knitters at workshops, seminars and her shop (1-on-1 lessons)!




Rhaelene Wimberly was the demonstrator at our last 
Mark Twain Area Machine Knitters Workshop

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              DESIGN-A-PATTERN XV7 for Machine Knitters

Design-A-Pattern XV7 charting programs work with PC's running Windows XP to 11 (including touchscreen computers).   All 5 volumes integrate knitter-friendly interfaces with many garment styling options and design features.  Multiple text and graphic printouts include 25 & 50% reduced scale templates suitable for Knit Contour tracing.  Click the following pictures to see actual size template printouts for a child size 2 sweater pattern. 






Pictured below are a Silver-Reed KR-21 Knit Contour template comparison with a Design-A-Pattern 25% scale printout for a raglan back panel (44" chest).





                     Click Here for Information and a Free Demo Program 

                           Right click here to open a DAP XV7 Overview Video on YouTube       

Click below for Design-A-Pattern XV Examples published in News and Views magazine
     Volume #1 - Pullover Sweater with Gusset Inserts       
     Volume #2 - Full-length Formal Straight Skirt

     Volume #3 - Curved Yoke Pullover Sweater

     Volume #4 - Concave Bottom Cardigan Vest

     Volume #5 - Baby Doll "Onesie" Outfit 

ILEEN LEVY'S BOOK "Buttonholes Made Easy"
includes detailed descriptions and photographs for knitting 8 single and double bed buttonhole styles ($10.00)

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50% OFF All In-Stock Books & Patterns (+ disks if available)

Authors include Maggie Andrews, Michael Becker, Sandee Cherry, Lezley Grzegorczyk,   Helen Griffith, Marcia Hauser, Alles Hutchinson, Eileen Montgomery,  Mary Ann Oger, Charlene Shafer, Trish Shafer and others  

ILEEN LEVY'S BOOK "For the Love of Cables"
includes descriptions and photographs for 30 different cables
for single and double bed knitting ($15.00)

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